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5 Strong Signs She’s Not Over Her Ex

When trying to determine whether a woman is still not over her ex, there can be several signs to look out for. It’s important to remember that everyone’s situation is unique, and these signs may not apply to every individual. However, here are some strong indicators that she may not be fully over her ex:

Sign 1: Emotional reactivity:

Emotional reactivity is a potential sign that someone may not be over their ex. If your partner exhibits strong emotional reactions when discussing their ex, it could indicate that they still have unresolved feelings or emotional attachments to their past relationship. These emotional reactions can take different forms, such as anger, sadness, or longing.

Sign 2: Lacks closure:

If she hasn’t had closure with her ex or has unfinished business, it’s likely that she hasn’t fully moved on. This could manifest as unresolved conflicts, ongoing communication, or unanswered questions about the past relationship.

Sign 3: Social media presence:

Monitoring her activity on social media platforms can provide insight into her feelings. If she frequently interacts with her ex’s posts, shares nostalgic memories, or maintains a strong online presence related to her past relationship, it suggests that she is still attached to the memories and experiences.

Sign 4: Emotional availability:

If she consistently displays emotional unavailability or reluctance to invest fully in your relationship, it may indicate that she is still holding back due to lingering feelings for her ex. She might be hesitant to commit or open up because she hasn’t fully let go of her past relationship.

Sign 5: Rebound behavior:

Engaging in rebound relationships shortly after a breakup can be a sign that she is trying to fill the emotional void left by her ex. If she jumped into a new relationship without sufficient time for self-reflection and healing, it could suggest that she is using you as a distraction rather than genuinely moving on.


In conclusion, emotional reactivity can be a strong sign that someone is not over their ex. If your partner consistently displays intense emotional reactions when discussing their ex, it suggests that they may still have unresolved feelings or attachments to their past relationship. This emotional reactivity can manifest as anger, sadness, or longing.

It’s important to approach these situations with empathy and open communication. Give your partner the space and support they need to express their emotions and discuss their feelings. However, it’s also essential to set boundaries and prioritize your own emotional well-being.

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